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Being Human‘s Rath will play Tani Rey, whom McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) recruits when he finds her working as a lifeguard at a hotel pool after she was kicked out of the Police Academy, despite being a first-rate candidate. “If you think about all the people that make up the family, they’re all broken toys in some way,” executive producer Peter Lenkov tells EW. “The opportunity to come together as a family came at the right time in their lives when they really needed it the most, and Tani is very similar to the way McGarrett collected the team in the first place. This is somebody who was kicked out of the Police Academy, somebody who clearly could be a good cop if given the opportunity, and McGarrett comes to her when really she needs it the most.”

Koale — who will star opposite Miles Teller in the upcoming film Thank You for Your Service — will portray Junior Reigns, a former Navy SEAL who just returned from serving his country and asks McGarrett, a fellow SEAL, for a job, hoping to repurpose his skills as a member of Five-0. Lenkov likens Junior to a much younger version of McGarrett. However, “Where McGarrett is very much of a rule-breaker, Junior’s more of a sort of by-the-book kind of guy,” Lenkov says.

Источник: EW.com

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2017-08-24 в 23:27 

lintares aka linami
Бери ложку и еби - только так ты спасёшься
Я, конечно, могу ошибаться и это может быть всего лишь непонятная хуйня на заднем плане, но на фото, где новая героиня в красном купальнике, правая рука Скотта на ее плече, а левая рука Алекса где-то в районе лопатки Скотта
Но я шиппер и буду считать, что не ошибаюсь

2017-08-24 в 23:32 

reply with f to pay respects
это норм, Алекс так делает, даже когда между ними 2-3-4 человека :D и вообще он пытается за раз обнять как можно больше народу, загребущие лапки.

2017-08-24 в 23:35 

lintares aka linami
Бери ложку и еби - только так ты спасёшься
это милооооооооооо

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